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Full Time, Part Time and locum Podiatrist positions

LOOKING FOR A WORK LIFE BALANCE?  Or just some extra hours to fill up your week?

Here’s your chance to work for yourself as a mobile subcontractor!  Manage your own case load, have flexible hours and be part of Australia’s largest mobile therapy team.  We service aged care facilities, private homes and medical centres.

Wellness & Lifestyles Australia (W&L) is Australia’s largest team of mobile allied health professionals……WHY?

  • We offer exceptional pay rates
  • We are flexible – you can choose the days, times and hours that you want to work
  • We have anywhere between 4 hours per week up to full time work available
  • We offer quality training opportunities and the potential for career progression into a management role
  • Under our business model you can reduce your tax significantly
  • With W&L you can have your own business without all the marketing, accounts, administration, advertising costs and invoicing!

“High level of professionalism.  Well structured.  Very enjoyable to work for/with.”  (Podiatrist)

“I am very happy to work for W&L.  Best company/organisation I have worked with.”  (Podiatrist)

What more could you want!

Contact us to discuss how we can change the way you think about work forever!  Phone us on 08 8363 1344  or email us.

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  • "We at Kirkholme have found the services of W&L Speech Pathology and Dietetics a great advantage as we have regular days that they are on site and can book residents in as needed to the days.
    They follow up our residents and they also work with the kitchen staff to improve the texture of the food and the introduction of the gel products."

    Helen Rex
    Eldercare Kirkholme