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Disability Services occupational therapy

Wellness & Lifestyles Australia continues to provide occupational therapy services on an ongoing basis to a number of organisations within Disability Services South Australia in Adelaide.

Wellness & Lifestyles Australia is a member of the Disability Services Provider Panel and continues to provide specialist disability occupational therapy services on locum and permanent contracts to a number of organisations within Disability Services South Australia including Minda Incorporated, Strathmont Centre, Julia Farr Services and Aged Care at Northgate.

Selected W&L occupational therapists have extensive experience with the intellectually and physically disabled.  W&L’s Director, Nick Heywood-Smith has had extensive experience in dealing with the disabled having grown up with a physically and mentally disabled brother.  He has a passion for being able to provide specialist disability occupational therapy services to this type of clientele whenever possible.

“The service has always responded to our needs promptly and the therapists provided are of a high calibre.  Thanks.”  Minda Incorporated

We can provide an onsite occupational therapy service to clients with a disability that is both convenient and affordable.  Whether your disabled client/family member lives in a private residence, a supported living environment, a facility or an aged care home, we will come to you.  We spend a minimum of one hour with the client and during this time complete a full assessment, explaining everything in the process, provide you with advice and leave you with a detailed report on our findings and the recommended action plan (care plan).

This service is available to anyone – young or old.  For a little bit more than you would usually pay for an occupational therapy consult in a clinic, you can have access to a private occupational therapy service that is second to none!

Need help with clients with a disability?  Call one of our occupational therapists who are experienced in this area on +61 8 8363 1344.

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  • "Professionalism at its highest standard. I would recommend W&L. We have utilised many of its services and have referred other services to W&L. I continue to use these services as required with great leadership by Nick Heywood-Smith."

    Murray Mallee Community Health Services